※This story is a ridiculous fiction. That means it is the fiction of twenty thousand percent. It has no relation with the actual narrative, mythology, people, groups, the middle-aged man with red cloth and white beard who comes in Christmas season. Did you understand it? Then go ahead.

Merry Christmas, the fucking bastard. Happy New Year!






December 24 today is said to be the holly night for people floating in the world. It is happy, happy Christmas Eve. Annoying couples are dating everywhere in the night streets. What carefree people who are ingratiating. For me, I have never even held a woman’s hand at least once since I was born. You dog! Oh~ I dislike it, I dislike it very much. I want to do it with one or two shoot of rocket launcher.

Hey, you! Shoot! Dokarn!!

・・・・Oops. I just went out of control. The out-of-the-way delusion swelled too much in my head.
Peace of mind, peace of mind・・・・・・・・.

Well, I’m finally calm. Anyway, people in the world are too floating on Christmas. This day of the holy night on Christmas is a special day, somehow. Who do you think is protecting the peace? Who do you think is the person who makes this day a holy night once in a year? Yes, they don’t know nothing. This day December 24 is actually a terrifying day in the world. Why you ask? Do you want to know why? Do you want to know why? Hmm ~~~, yeah, let me tell you. It’s good to listen to your ears, rotating that peace-blurred rotten head. The truth of Christmas covered in a fun garment: the apocalypse story.



欲望に支配された人々は神の声などおかまいなしに、自分たちに都合のいい正義をかかげて世界を侵食し始めた。その過程で多くの血が流れ、多くの人々が大地に起こる業火の炎に焼き尽くされた。人々の絶え間ない欲望と執着心。そのどす黒い感情はどんどん肥大化していき、これまでには存在しえなかった恐ろしい存在が生まれたのだ。それが悪魔と呼ばれる恐ろしい存在の起源だ。悪魔たちは人間の黒い心を糧として、無限大に大地に増殖を続けた。神々と天使たちが気づいた時には、もはや取り返しのつかないところまできていた。そこで神々たちは、戦闘に優れた選りすぐりの最強天使たちを集結させ、地上の世界に派遣して悪魔と戦うよう命じた。天使たちはすぐに地上に降り立ち、世界各地で悪魔たちと激闘を繰り広げる。その最中、地上に生きる人間たちにも心ある者たちがいることを知り、その人間たちと共に悪魔の殲滅を図ったのだ。悪魔の力を持つ人間たちに対抗するため、天使たちは心ある人間に聖なる力を与えた。聖なる力を得た人間たちは悪魔と激闘を繰り広げ、その闘いはおよそ1000年続いたとされている。心ある人間たちの、誰かを守りたいという強い思いは、世界を自分のものとして支配したいという欲望よりもはるかに強いものだった。だからこそ、初めは優勢だった悪魔たちは次第に追い詰められていく。そして最終戦争とよばれたその日、紀元前2012年12月24日、神誕生の大地 約束の地にて天使と悪魔、心ある人間と極悪無比な人間との闘いが勃発した。激戦激闘の末、戦いは天使と心ある人間たちの勝利で幕を閉じた。そして人間を極悪無比な存在へと変えた悪魔たちは、地球の奥の奥深く、深い深い地の底へ、神の封印術によって封じられたのである。

Once upon a time, once again, Although I forgot completely when it was because it is too old, with God at the top of the earth, the angels who are the messengers and humans who receive the voice of God through an angel lived there. The earth at that time was peaceful and nothing of wars, everyone lived with peace of mind, listening to the voice of God. However, as time passed humans had wisdom, and humans stopped listening to the voice of God when they thought that they had become great. And they walked around the world based on their desires, they started to create a world that was convenient for them. What began to happen through the process is the gap of wealth and wars.

People who were dominated with desires began to erode the world with justice that was convenient for them without worrying about the voice of God. A lot of blood flew in the process, many people were burned out by the flames of the fire that occurred on the earth.
The incessant desires and obsession of people. The black emotions were getting bigger and bigger, A terrifying being was born that had never existed before. This is the origin of a terrifying being called devil. Devils continued to grow to the earth to infinity feeding on the black heart of humans. When God and the angels noticed that, it was almost irreparable. This is why the Gods, brought together the strongest angels who exceled at fighting and ordered to fight the devils dispatching the angels to the world on earth. The angels immediately landed on the ground and fought fiercely with devils all over the world. In the middle of that, they knew there are some humans who had right heart and lived on the ground, and planned to annihilation of devils with those humans. To counter the people with devils’ power, the angels gave the holy power to those humans with right heart. Humans who got the holy power fought fiercely with the devils, and the fighting is said to have lasted about 1000 years. The strong sentiments of humans with right heart that they wanted to protect someone was far too stronger than the desires to dominate the world as their own. This is how the devils who were dominant at first were gradually being cornered. And on that day called the final war, December 24 in 2012 BC, the fight broke out between angels and devils, and humans with right heart and villainous humans on the land of the birth of God and in the promised land. After a fierce battle, the fight closed its curtain with victory of the angels and humans with right heart, and the devils who transformed humans into villainous beings were sealed by God’s Sealing Technique to the bottom of the deep, deep, deep earth.


Let me show you, my squid! Kurae. Devel’s Seal.
Pishaa!! Do ~~~~~!!








A tremendous thunder hit the earth directly, and the earth broke and caused a big explosion. And the devils fell to the bottom of the very dark abyss.

However, the God knew. The God knew that this seal is not permanent. The God knew that its effectiveness was only one year. However, the God’s Sealing Technique, Devil’s Seal cannot be used unlimited times. It’s such a powerful technique. If used many times, the technique has the huge power that could break the earth and exterminate the earth.

For this reason, the God, in preparation for revival of devils from the bottom of the earth who are free from the Seal once in a year, selected humans with the power of angels, and formed the Holy Knights to fight the devils. The name of the knight captain is San Takrose. He is just the strongest knight in the legend that is passed down among us now.

Since then, the devils that revive from the bottom of the earth on once a year on December 24 were defeated one after another with him at the top. And people praise them and praise the night of the day as holy night. People gave the knights many presents as a reward for peace. The knights who received them also, gave people many properties as reward items. They cherished children in particular very much as the beings that who would carry the future, they gave them what they wanted on the night of December 24 secretly as a meaning to entrust them with hope and peace.

This is the origin of Christmas and Santa Claus. Santa Claus is the proof of hero. Christmas is the symbol of hope and peace. It is the day of December 24.

How is it, did you understand? Well, when thinking carefully, it’s not bad to date Dere Dere. It is because there are proof of peace that we can do this? Well, I wonder if I should go on a date too! With whom? It is with my sweetheart, something? What? Don’t tell a lie? You said you haven’t held a woman’s hand before some time ago… Hmm, if I think about what you say, it is funny. I’m going on a Christmas date from now on. How will you do that? It’s decided, in VR. What!? You don’t know VR? You are behind the time. VR is the meaning of virtual reality; it is the equipment for enjoying the world of dream in virtual space. I’ll travel in the dream world with my virtual girlfriend inside it. I’ll date in the Christmas world of the dream. It must be fun ~~~. My girlfriend is waiting in that world. The cute girl with curly eyes is waiting. She is waiting for me with a tweet of love in front of the station where many people come and go with a clean fountain blowing out wearing warm sweater and red yarn gloves. Saying “come early, darling”. Well, wait, my beloved honey. I’m going to see you right now!!

This is why I equipped VR equipment on the upper half of the face!! I’m ready. OK.

Well, I’ll go!! Merry Christmas!! VR!!




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