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Rokuoin Temple

Rokuoin is the Rinzai sect single-storied temple located in Kyoto City Ukyo Ward Saga Kitahori town. Its mountain title is Kakuyuzan. Its deity is Shakyamuni. Its history started as the Hodo-ji Temple’s Kaiyan Pagoda which was built by Yoshimitu Ashikaga with Myoha Shunoku its beginner in Koreki 2 (1380).

Rokuoin was built in the first year of the Kakei era (1387) as a pagoda to protect the jutto (tomb built before his death) of Myoha Shunoku, the founder of the temple. It is said that the origin of its name was from the fact that there are herds of wild deer when he opened this land.

In the main hall (Kaizando), there is a seated statue of Shakyamuni Buddha by Unkei. In addition to the principal image, statues of the ten great disciples by Unkei, the statue of Yoshimitu Ashikaga, and the statue of Toracen are enshrined in the temple. There is also a Hokyointo (a Japanese box-shaped pagoda) directly below the statue of Kokushi.

On the day, the leaves were brightly colored, but unfortunately, the Shariden was undergoing repair work.


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Photographer: Taisuke Yamada


Location 〒616-8367 24 Saga Kitabori-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto
Telephone TEL:075-861-1645
Entrance fee 400 yen
Access 3 minutes walk from Randen “Rokuoin” station
JR line “Saga-Arashiyama station” 6 minutes walk
City Bus/Kyoto Bus “Shimosaga” stop, 3 min. walk
Parking lot Free parking in front of the gate.
Site URL鹿王院

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