Matsugasaki Canal


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Matsugasaki Canal

Matsugasaki Canal (aka: Sosui) flows along the Shirakawa Canal road leading to the Kamo River in the Matsugasaki water purification plant and the south of the Botanical Garden on the West Bank of the Takano River. A lot of cherry blossoms are planted in this section, and it is possible to appreciate beautiful cherry trees in spring. Also, many cherry trees are planted along the Takano River on the east side of the Matsugasaki water purification plant, and you can also watch them together.

The cherry blossoms in this area have been known to be a place for hanami of local residents who boast high land prices in Kyoto city, but in recent years, as a hanami spot, tourists come to see the sight of cherry blossoms from afar, and you can also see the sight of the rickshaw for Hanami. However, it is not a commercial area, so there are no resting places or shops for tourists.

The flowering time of cherry blossoms seems to be around the middle of April from the beginning of April.(By the climate of that year.)


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Photographer: Taisuke Yamada


Location 〒606-0901 Around Matsukezaki-Higashi Sakuragi-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto
Usual viewing season Cherry
Early April
Access City bus
・Take the 65, 204, MN204, 206, or Kita 8 line, get off at Takagi-cho, and walk northeast for 10 minutes.
・Take No. 1, 204, MN204, 205, 206, or Kita 8, get off at “Botanical Garden-mae” bus stop, and walk south for 5 minutes.
Parking lot None

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