This is Kurama Tengu. ^^

The other day, the president of the company brought something called “Hokkaido Butter Dorayaki” from Chateraise to my workplace. I tried it and found it unexpectedly delicious, so I decided to go to Chateraise in Iwakura, Sakyo ward, which I had not been to for a long time to buy some myself.

Exterior view of Chateraise

It is located in a residential area of Iwakura.
There are no pictures of the inside, but there are not only shortcakes, but also cream puffs and even Japanese sweets. Shortcakes with fruit on top cost 500-600 yen in my neighborhood, but at Chateraise they are only a little over 300 yen. That’s remarkably cheaper!


The reason I have not used this store is mainly because I am worried that the shortcake will lose its shape if I carry it home on my scooter. I will give it a try next time, though.

6 pieces of 2 kinds of Dorayaki

I bought some\(^o^)/

I purchased Hokkaido Butter Dorayaki (120 yen before tax) and also purchased Pure Cream Dorayaki (100 yen before tax) as they are also cheap. My family of three tried to compare them.

Then, to my surprise, the 100 yen Pure Cream Dorayaki was better.

Since it was bigger and less expensive, I thought it would be a good snack for everyone at work, so I went back to buy some more.

And when I served it today as a snack, it was a big hit.
I will buy them again when I forget about them.
(Expensive snacks are hard to buy on your own…)

I often see half-off sales of Japanese sweets at the local supermarket, but I thought that it would be better to buy from a confectioner like Chateraise, so I plan to use their services again in the future. I heard that Charteraise had declared that it would not raise prices, and I am inclined to support it by buying its products.




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