Woman applying eye cream

I consulted the staff at the intermediate facility(※) about purchasing eye cream, as it was run out. At Isetan, Chanel withdrew and Dior’s sales floor expanded to double its size.

The reason why it is a rule that I have to consult everything with my support person is because I am an alcoholic and have ADHD (hyperactivity and impulsivity), and I moved from my one-person heights in Osaka Prefecture one year and six months ago to train for this lifestyle, which is why I am now in this intermediate facility.

And I’m in this intermediate facility to rethink my way of thinking and living. So I don’t have a cell phone and live a minimalist lifestyle. I am leading a lifestyle where everything is decided after consulting and discussing with the staff of the intermediate facility.


I know I’m getting sidetracked, but the discussion seemed to be that I should not purchase an eye cream. Certainly, it is an expensive eye cream, and it costs 1,800 yen per month. Although I don’t intend to resist aging, taking care of myself is a stress reliver.

A long time ago, there was the term “beauty witch,” but that term was coined by magazine editors. My theory is that it’s important to keep myself clean because I’m middle-aged. I spoke passionately to the staff!

The staff has never thought about beauty before…( ^ω^) As a result, it looks like it will be included in next month’s budget…

I have a lot of issues, but I will accept myself as I am… It’s easier to live in a tidy room, and there is no end if looking for better life. It goes without saying that we should live a reasonable life, but I realized that balance is important in everything.

Woman putting on makeup

I’ll change my story, though, I’m fifty years old and I came to the current intermediate facility to change my way of thinking, and am living in a community.

I changed my mind to enjoy an analog life by calling it a digital detox, since I would never experience a life without a smartphone in my lifetime without such an opportunity(^^♪
※Intermediate facilities here are welfare facilities where people recover and grow from alcohol, gambling, and drug addiction, eating disorders, etc. and regain a healthy lifestyle and prepare for social participation through regular attendance.





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