Good morning!
This is Kurama Tengu( ̄▽ ̄)b.

I’d like to write about the wording of “yoroshiosu” today.

Kyoto language → Yoroshiosu
Standard language → It’s OK.
Kyoto language → Yoroshiiomasu
Standard language → It’s OK.

What I feel somehow is that I feel “yoroshiiomasu” like merchant style or Osaka people style, but on the other hand, I feel “yoroshiosu” like the female language in Hanamachi.
So, I hesitate to use the wordings, but I think it fits for me than saying “omasu”.

When adding “na” at the end of the sentence,
“osu” → “yoroshiosuna”
“omasu” → yoroshiiomanna”

It is the point where people who are get used to standard language consider “yoroshiiomanna” having a little obscene sounding. I think “yoroshiosuna” would be more appropriate.

But actually, few people in my neighborhood use “yoroshiosuna”. They mostly say “iidesune” or “yoroshidesune” with a little pretention.




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