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This is Kurama Tengu( ̄▽ ̄)b.

I’ll write this article with dogmatism and prejudice based on the image I had against each university during my school days.(Continued from Part 4) It may be different from the current state. (Should there be any problem, please give us your comment or contact us through inquiry form.)

Notre Dame girls’ university

Notre Dame girls’ university

  • It has the image of school for boxed lady. I have never seen the scenes with a man and a woman walking side by side. (It is forbidden by school rules?)
  • Many students have flashy makeups and dresses.
  • It seems to have low deviation value.
  • It is known as Dame girls.

Ikenobo Junior College

Ikenobo Junior College

  • It has the image of female university whose families are rich.
  • Learning about the tea and flower arrangement at school nowadays make me think it a little outdated.


Otani University


  • It has the image related to Buddhism from its name, but I don’t feel so from the graduates of this university.
  • It has good location just near Kitaoji bus terminal.

Bukkyo University

Bukkyo University

  • Its name contains Buddhism, but the students don’t seem to be addicted to the religion.
  • In the past, there was an image everybody can enroll in the university, but it has been raising its deviation value these days? Although students are looked as not smart, it has the image of relatively serious students.

Kyoto Gakuen University

Kyoto Gakuen University

  • It has recently established therefore its deviation value is low.
  • The famous president of Nidec bought that university. Its name will be changed to Kyoto University of Advanced Science and it would be more difficult from now.
  • It has the image that a lot of students going to the university are chara.


※I feel it a little rough, I wrote down my honest impression that Kurama Tengu has against each university. It is not my imagination nor fiction as I am writing this article based on the impression I had when actually contacting the students at each place.





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