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This is Kurama Tengu( ̄― ̄)b

Do you know Kyoto people repeat adjective twice consecutively when they emphasize an adjective?

It is cold outside today in particular, so they say “it is cold and cold today” when they go out.
This has the meaning like “it is very cold today.” I think it is nearer to “it is extremely cold” than “it is very cold”.

For example, if they say “I can’t afford to buying such an expensive product” in standard Japanese, it is “I can’t buy such an expensive and expensive product” in Kyoto dialect.

Other examples are…

caricature of birds and animals
“I am itchy and itchy having been bite by a mosquito.”
“I can’t go to such a further and further place.”

When thinking, I found there are many cases “yo-sen” is used after repeating adjective twice. It may contain negative connotations to begin with.




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