The latter chapter: the path of Buddha Dharma – Sacred Biographies of the Great Nyoraizo Jodo –

3. The path of Buddha Dharma (Sacred Biographies of the Great Nyoraizo Jodo)

There is a Sacred Biographies of the Great Nyoraizo Jodo existed firstly as a foundational pillar of the spirit for people living in the Land Padma.

It is a way of think that they see the whole universe and the earth themselves as Sakyamuni Buddha.

Sakyamuni Buddha as the Dharma-body Buddha (the Buddha whose body is the teachings), seated at the center of the entire universe.

We are all living on the land of the white lotus flower surrounded by the Buddha’s great compassion.

At the center of the entire universe sits the Dharma-body Buddha, watching over all of us. This Buddha is the source of all existence. All of us have been created by this Buddha.

The tradition of the Great Nyoraizo Jodo

This earth is the body of the Buddha, and the earth is the Buddha’s earth. On that earth, various buddhas and bodhisattvas have inherited the Buddha’s sense (will, will, will) and are working hard to save people. Various buddhas and bodhisattvas, when they were neither buddhas nor bodhisattvas yet, received the seed of the Buddha from Buddha, and as bodhisattvas, planted and nurtured that seed in the Buddha’s earth to bloom their own flower of Buddhism.
Those who became buddhas by making the flower of their teachings bloom on the earth, divided each piece of earth into lotus sanctuaries. That is the so-called world (Buddhist land). And within that sanctuary, many people are still being saved. That is why the white lotus flower named Buddha Dharma is blooming in this land.

Dharma body refers to “the Buddha whose body is the teachings,” and here it refers to the teachings of the first Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha, and to the teachings of all the Buddhas who emerged from him. Even though the body of the Buddha has perished, the teachings he preached will remain there and remain forever. That is what a Dharma body is.

Therefore, all of us, at all times, live surrounded by the teachings of the various buddhas.


Jodo painting of the Great Nyoraizo

Dharma-body Buddha (the center of the whole universe) The fundamental being who shaped the Buddhist world.

Sakyamuni Buddha as the Dharma-body Buddha (the Buddha whose body is the teachings), seated at the center of the entire universe.

A society that shares the teachings of the Buddha and lives and supports each other through wisdom and compassion.

Diagram of the Buddhist Earth This body is the body of the Buddha, and the earth is the Buddha's earth. On the Buddha's earth, the flower of teachings such as the Four Sacred Truths taught by the Buddha first bloomed, and then the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, who inherited these teachings, created various Buddhist teachings such as the Kegon and Tendai sects on the Buddha's earth. After the flower of teachings bloomed, lotus sanctuaries were created by dividing each land, and these sanctuaries and teachings coexist with each other by offering various perspectives without being in conflict with each other.

The various Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in each land are the inheritors of the Buddha’s sense (will, will, and intention), and they are the embodiment of the Buddha’s great compassion.

Incidentally, the teachings of Zen Buddhism, such as Soto Zen, are rooted as a foundation in all Buddhist lands.

For example, the teaching of “Shusho-ichnyo” is an example.

There is enlightenment in practice and practice in enlightenment. When you reach a small level of enlightenment as a result of your practice, you should not be satisfied with it, but should devote yourself to a greater level of enlightenment. There is no end to the practice.

This universal teaching is the teaching that underlies all sanctuaries (Buddhist lands).

Each one of us will walk the political and economic paths based on the Buddha Dharma, and realize happiness and peace in each individual’s life. That is what a symbiotic society of wisdom and compassion looks like.

Diagram of the Threefold Path The path of politics (wisdom and compassion), the path of economics (small desires and knowledge), and the path of Buddhism (the sacred tradition of the Great Nyoraiyorai-gura Pure Land). These three are to be performed simultaneously to realize Buddhist welfare (happiness and peace of mind through Buddhism).

What I am about to tell you is the true picture of the paradise of compassion created by the Buddha, a symbiotic society of wisdom and compassion, which I, Jokai Saikobo, witnessed during my pilgrimage to Padma, the land of paradise on earth.

One: Padma, the Land of Ultimate Bliss on Earth -Peace of “Harmony” and “Symbiosis” through the separation of the three paths. (complete)




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