Good morning!
This is Kurama Tengu( ̄▽ ̄)b.

I may get the question if I use a wording “dosu” or not. Kyoto people nowadays never say “dosu”. I have never heard people say “dosue” except for Geisha. I think people in Hanamachi or of Kimono related leave the wordings of “dosu” and “dosue” for the reason to produce a taste of ancient Kyoto.

As for Geisha, although I don’t know well because I have never been to such shops, as far as I can see from the television, I think it is the world where girls who came from other prefectures and just graduated from school, are instilled themselves Kyoto language and they gradually become like Geisha.

I noticed that “dosu” and “dosue” are included in Kyoto language. From my viewpoint, I feel it different as Geisha always add “dosudosu” at the end of the sentences. If I started to use “dosu” in my dairy conversation, I must be laughed. It is as the same sensation as this.





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