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This is Kurama Tengu( ̄▽ ̄)b.

Many people think Kyoto people also usually use the wordings “sakai” or “sakaini” since many people appearing in dramas made by Osaka TV station use the wordings, but unexpectedly few people in my age can fully use the wordings “sakai” or “sakaini”. They correspond with “kara” in standard language.

【The example of use】
Kyoto language → Byouinittekitasakaiokureteshimouta.
Standard language → I was late because I went to a hospital.
Kyoto language → Otouchankaettekitasakainihayoittoide
Standard language → Since your father got home, go to early.


Although all people in my parent generation use “sakai” but I remember that I didn’t use the wording as my school friends didn’t say “sakai”… As I remember faintly, I have asked my elementary school teacher “which should be used “kara” written in textbooks or “sakai” that my parents were using, and then the teacher answered you can use both, and since that time I have used “kara” only for the reason that it is easier to use than “sakai” which have difference between writing word or talking word.

However, I have been adored to people who use “sakai” recently, and I try to change the wording from “kara” to “sakai”, but I am too get used to “kara” to say “sakai” instantly.





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