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We sometimes say “Suimasen” more easily “Sunnmasen” or “Sunnmahen” in Kyoto dialect. Also, we say “Ikemasen” in standard language “Akimasen” or “Akimahen” depending on the application.

【usage example】

Kyoto dialect→Eraisuimahennnaa
Standard language→I’m very sorry.

Kyoto dialect→Sonnakotoyuutaraakimasen
Standard language→You must not say such a thing.

Kyoto dialect→Kokotootteeeka? Soraakimahenwa
Standard language→May I go through here? No, you may not.

Kyoto dialect (or Kansai dialect) has so-called merchant language and in many cases the merchants speak humbly. For example, the word “Akimasen” is the word which means forbidding but it is rude for shop employees say “Akimasen” to its customers.
It is right to speak humbly “Akimahen” here, isn’t it?

Also, it is right to say the word for light meaning of apology with “Sunmasen”, and if a speaker is merchant or speaks to his or her superiors the word should be “Sunmahen.




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