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This is Kurama Tengu( ̄▽ ̄)b.

Everyone, have you been said “yoroshii” after you answered after designated by your elementary school teacher? I think the word “yoroshii” is caught as a word to use in a scene where the superior give permission to the inferior.

However, “yoroshii” or “yoroshi”in Kyoto language (or overall Kansai dialect) is used as the word Kyoto people say “yoi” or “ee” in a lighter meaning a little more elegantly.

【The example of use】

Kyoto language ( in case of yoroshi ) → Konoochawanyoroshinaa.
Kyoto language (in case of ee ) → Konoochawaneenaa.
Standard language → I think this bowl of tea is good.

Kyoto language (in case of yoroshi ) → Mouikandeyoroshi.
Kyoto language ( in case of ee ) → Mouikandeee.
Standard language → You don’t have to go any more.

Kyoto language ( in case of yoroshi ) → Kore300endeyoroshiika?
Kyoto language ( in case of ee” → Kore300endeeeka?
Standard language → Can we buy this with 300 yen?

I think personally that people use the wording of “yoroshi” because as I referred in another article, the pronunciation of “e” line needs the mouth open large and gives a little vulgar impression. “yoroshii” or “yoroshi” is more formal way to say compared with “ee”.





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