I, Kurama Tengu go out to take pictures of shrines and temples.
It is largely because I think in Kyoto where I live in, the subjects that look good are shrines and temples. I was at first taking pictures of flowers in botanical gardens.

I’d like to list up what I, Kurama Tengu take care of when taking photos in shrines and temples.

In case of shrines.

An example of a shrine

1.Not to disturb the visitors to the shrines.

Since shrines are originally the places where people with religious belief are visiting, taking photos should be second to this. So, when there are people who are worshiping,
You should wait until their tasks are finished as possible.

2.Not to take photo of inside the main hall.

As the atmosphere there tell us somewhat, I make a point of not taking photos of inside the main hall of the shrines.

3.Avoid including people in the photos as possible as I can.

As for people, I basically take care of not including them in the photos when taking pictures of the buildings. However, I, Kurama Tengu think it OK to some extent even if people are in the photos, as it is nearly unrealistic that there are no people there when going out to take photos in famous tourist spots in sightseeing season.

4.Always take photos of the instructions.

For example, there is a case where the instructions of the gods or the gardens of the shrines are written on the bulletin board. In such cases, there is enough time to read slowly there, so I take photos of the whole bulletin board. And when posting it on the Internet, I insert the pictures of the bulletin board in front of the instruction of the targets.


In case of temples.

1.Not to take photos of Buddha statues.

Whatever you say, it is an iron rule when taking pictures in temples. It is not good to take photos of Buddha statues. I think it is due to religious reasons, I can say that it is prohibited in all temples. For this reason, as I can’t take good photos in temples where the Buddha statues are main, I sometimes exclude those places from the shooting targets on this site.

2.Photos are forbidden in most of inside the buildings.

Taking photos of almost all of inside the buildings are prohibited. However, when there is no notice of photo forbidden, I sometimes take photos of it.

3.Avoid taking photos with people as possible as I can.

I try to take photos aiming at the moment when there are no people as possible as I can, since it is not preferable as the pictures of the buildings by any way if passengers enter the photos. However, you must not dispel people for the reason that you take a photo. To the last, you should wait the moment when people are not there accidentally.

4.Temples in Kyoto have the season when famous flowers bloom at each temple.

For example, there are plum, cherry blossom, hydrangea, Japanese iris, Kirishima azalea, and autumn leaves. I go to take a photo after looking into it beforehand on the Internet and make sure of it.

At the end.

It’s all. Was it a good reference for you?
I think everyone can take photos behaving well, as there might be increased signs for photo forbidden if the bad manner visitors take photo. Let’s enjoy camera hobby from now, too! (^▽^)




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