Old Kyoto-machiya style house

The house of Kurama Tengu was also the old house of so-called Kyomachiya style before rebuilding it. The premises of my house is also narrow frontage and long shape of Kyoto style house. Speaking why Kyomachiya was got to be said as Unagi’s bed, it is because the citizens built the narrow frontage house as the taxes of ancient Kyoto was depending on the square of the frontage.

The living comfort of the Unagi’s bed had the advantage that slanders and something muddy stories of people talking in the dining room didn’t get out outside. It might be why that Kyoto people are said to say slanders often. And regarding the shape of rectangular, it had the convenience that rooms could be used spaciously by leaving out partitions such as bran between the entrance and kitchen.

What I felt to be uncomfortable to live, on the other hand, was that when liquor store order listeners entered from entrance suddenly, they could see the whole the dining room at first. Although machiya is often touted I think the modern house is really better. Also, it had inconvenience that it is hard to pull cables such as telephone line and Internet. I had trouble of the air of air conditioner escaping because of too good ventilation. In addition, the tar of cigarette smoke attached to the wall soil and it had no parking space and so on…

I talked the inconvenience of machiya unintentionally, it was Kurama Tengu who don’t know well that it is good or bad being too much got used to the living of “Unagi’s bed”





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