I, Kurama Tengu has a hobby of PC, so I went to buy PC parts to Denden Town in Nihonbashi ebisu town in Osaka taking Okeihan (Keihan Electric Railway) on holidays in my youth. I think the train round-about fare at that time was certainly 1500 yen or so including Keihan to Osaka subway.

Keihan Railway

The shops in Ebisu town offer products more cheaply than the ones in Kyoto, so for example, if we buy PC parts or game software of 10,000 yen or so, it is cheaper by more than 1,500 yen compared with buying them in Kyoto Shijoteramachi. For such reason, I bothered to go to Osaka to buy them.

Osaka Nihonbashi Denden Town


Speaking why I quit to go to Osaka, one reason is the prosperity of Internet shopping. For example,, Amazon, and so on. There is no need to bother to visit actual shops in terms of the price only.

Also, by entering of Yodobashi camera in the site of Kintetsu Department Store in Kyoto Station the home appliance shops have appeared in Kyoto with item arrangement and prices as like Osaka, which deprive me of the reason to go to Osaka. That’s why I got to not to go to Osaka…

Abeno Harukas

However, Osaka is a big city anyway.
I think I’d like to go to Osaka again if I have time and money since there are a lot of things only seen in there such as Abeno Harukas or large-scale exhibitions for plastic models.




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