Conger, the essential fish for summer in Kyoto.
A fishmonger handles it politely, cuts small bones and cooks it.

Prepared hamo

Whether you eat it by dropping the conger or conger tempura, white meat without odor is extremely delicious, isn’t it?

hamo no otoshi

By the way, dropping the conger in Kyoto is the same as hot water pulling of conger.

I, Kurama Tengu am fond of dropping the conger and I know the shop which sells the most delicious congers among the several supermarkets in my neighborhood. Sometimes when I go to stay at my relative’s house who moved to Kanto area, it is common to go to buy this dropping the conger. By the way, my condiments for it are plum meat.


And conger tempura.
The tempura of the light white meat fish is also delicious.
Conger tempura is offered at high-priced Japanese restaurant, isn’t it? Congers are not completely inexpensive.

tempura of hamo

Kyoto people love to eat the congers which are not inexpensive. Why is that?

Firstly, there is no sea in Kyoto. (Although there is one in Tango area.)
For this reason, the fishes in Kyoto are low in freshness and have bad taste overall. It must be right as the Kyoto people say so. However, the fishes, congers have strong life power, and they could be carried to Kyoto from Setouchi or Genkai Sea while they are still alive. The freshness is great as people handle and eat them in Kyoto.

And you must not forget that there are cooks who cut the bones of congers finely. The high technique is needed to cut small bones of congers so, naturally experienced cooks are needed. Actually, there are differences depending on the skills of fishmongers or supermarket staff, and there are shops that sell congers which had their small bones handled well and also there are shops that sell congers that have small bones left a lot.

Anyway, I, Kurama Tengu think that the best fish in Kyoto is conger. Following that is mackerel, I think.



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