When we go to high-priced restaurant in Kyoto, grilled sweetfish is always served there. Pickled with original green vinegar called Tate vinegar and accompanied with red ginger called stick ginger.

The river fish with white meat without odor having a little of fat. I think it is delicious.

grilled ayu fish

Ayu boiled in candy is also delicious, isn’t it?
I, Kurama Tengu think Ayu is the most delicious among river fishes.

It is Kyoto people’s aspiration to have ayu dishes at the riverbed of Kurama-kibune which is called the best of summer in Kyoto.

Kurama Kibune Kawayuka

There are a lot of riverbeds in Kurama-kibune.

The Ayu in Kyoto is caught mainly in Miyama River, Kamikatsura River, Hodu River, Kamo River, and Yura River, and in the neighbor Shiga prefecture it is caught in Ado River, Takatoki River, the upstream of Yasu River, the upstream of Echi River, and Takashima Kamo River. Ayuya is famous in Shiga prefecture.

Having lived long in Kyoto, there are acquaintances whose hobby is fishing, and when it came the season for ayu ban lifted, they give me ayu boiled in candy. There are many cases where people receive the local specialty goods due to connection between the regions as Kyoto is city although.



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