No heat or cold lasts over the equinox. It was the day when the heat of summer simmered down to some extent. I wandered over to Hirano Shrine. Why? Somehow.

Signboard of Hirano Shrine

Well, it seems like this torii is the entrance of Hirano Shrine.

Torii of Hirano Shrine

Well, let’s go inside.

Oh, what is this approach road? There are many lanterns with various names written on them. Will there be lights when night comes? They are considerable number of lanterns.

Approach to Hirano Shrine

Through there…


Higanbana are beginning to bloom. Oh, I can finally feel the arrival of autumn. It has been hot at any rate recently. It is so hot compared to previous years that it is likely to be a limit breaker. But I finally saw the first signs of autumn with Higanbana.

Well, the main hall of the shrine is at sight at last.
This is the entrance to the temple grounds.

Gate of Hirano Shrine

I quickly entered the precincts of the temple and found …!


The sacred tree of Hirano Shrine No. 1

A huge, majestic sacred tree welcomes all visitors to the shrine.

The sacred tree of Hirano Shrine No. 2

This sacred tree is a camphor tree that is said to be about 400 years old. The trunk circumference is 4.85 meters. It’s wonderful.

In the center of the temple grounds is a large maiden dance hall and the main shrine can be seen behind it.

Hirano Shrine's Maiten (dance hall)

Still, it’s nice.

Precincts of Hirano Shrine

The temple is located in a bustling, urban area, but as soon as you step into the temple grounds, you are enveloped in a mysterious silence. This quiet, healing atmosphere that no one can invade.

Whenever I touch the air, I feel; The shrine is a place where one can quietly feel the long history and weight of the shrine. The same can be said as to temples.

And this is the main hall of Hirano Shrine. It was enshrined in the palace of Emperor Kanmu’s father, Emperor Mituhito, in the Heijo Palace at the end of the Nara Period (794), and must have watched over various people for a very long time since it was moved to the Hirano area at the same time the capital was moved to Heian in 794.

Main Shrine of Hirano Shrine

The deities enshrined in the main hall is following four gods.

“The four deities”

・Imaki sume Okami: The god of source energy renewal and vitality generation.
・Kudo no Okami: The god of the hearth and safety in life.
・Fukiaki no Okami: The god of peace who shakes open the evil spirits.
・Hime no Okami: The god of production power.

There seems to be various benefits there. For example, the deity, Hime no Okami is worshipped as the god of production power and has the benefits for marriage and children.

So, I prayed for appreciation to daily life stability.

Incidentally, Hirano Shrine is also known as the best place for cherry blossoms in Kyoto, blooming wonderful cherry blossoms when the spring comes.

Cherry blossoms at Hirano Shrine

Please visit here when the time has come.
It’s really amazing!

Hirano Shrine

  • Address:
    〒603-8322 Kyoto City Kita Ward Hirano Miyamoto town 1
  • Tel: 075-461-4450
  • URL:
  • X(the former twitter):h
  • Facebook:
  • Transportation access:
    3-minute walk to the north after getting off “in front of Kinugasa school” bus stop riding on Kyoto City Bus “205” or “50” system from JR “Kyoto Station”.
    7-minute walk to the north from Keifuku Trains Kitano Line “Kitano Hakubai town” Station.
    Riding on Kyoto City Bus “10” system from Keihan “Sanjo” Station to “Kitano Hakubai town” bus stop and 7-minute to the north.
    3-minute walk to the north from Kyoto City Bus “15” system “in front of Kinugasa school” bus stop.
    Riding Kyoto City Bus “205” system from Hankyu Kyoto Line “Kawaramachi” Station to “in front of Kinugasa school” and 3-minute walk to the north.
  • Parking: Northeast corner of east side road (17 cars).





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