When Kyoto people want to say “It’s different, isn’t it?” in the standard language, they say “chaimasuyan?”.

It takes a lot of time to get used to the Kyoto dialect of honorifics and polite speech. At any rate, the persons from Kyoto seldom speak honorifics during their school days.

There was a time when it was hard when I had to use honorifics and polite language all day long sine everyone around me was a senior when I was a working man.

The standard language (honorific) → It’s different isn’t it?
Kyoto dialect (honorific) → Chaimasuyaro? → Chaimasuyan? → Chigotemasuyan? → Chaimatsharo?


The standard language → It’s different, isn’t it?
Kyoto dialect → Chauyaro? → Chauyan?

Incidentally, adding “~yan” at the end of a word is a soft expression used in relatively close relationships.

(The example of use)
The standard language → It’s different from what you said yesterday, isn’t it?
Kyoto dialect → Kinno yutahattakototo chaimasuyan?

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