Alright, let’s get fired up for today! OH, yes!!

A joyful boy with his right arm raised to the sky

The life is an adventure.

Te~terete♪ Te~tere~♪

I was more excited than ever today. I’m already feeling the flames of passion pouring out of my body. Why? Because today, my super happy Kyoto holiday begins again. It is a waste to spend my vacation indoors. As corona is setting in, I’m going out here!
In the meantime, I’m going to go.

Out, safe, yo yo no ba ~~~!

Two people cheerfully running out of the house

I love going out♡

And I have a partner who is indispensable to this holiday at all costs. This is ~~

Kyoto City Municipal Subway♪

The picture of inside the subway premises (taken by the author)

Kyoto City Subway Premises
Let me take this opportunity to thank you, Subway. To be honest, it’s been quite helpful.
I was once depressed because someone said to me, “This guy seems to be missing a few screws in his legs,” but you took care of that in just five seconds! Even if I don’t have enough screws in my legs, I can go anywhere I want to go of my own volition. That’s fine. If you have some screws that are missing, just take advantage of the one that makes up for them. And I soon realized.

The subways are just that.



Since then, I have been supported a lot by you, subway. As you let me go everywhere. Oh, how many places have I visited up to now? For example, the theater in Kyoto City (TOHO cinema in Nijo, Shinpukan Uplink and so on), downtown Shijo, Kyoto International manga museum, Machiya café, Marble Bukouji Store and so on, which are countless.

And look at this route map. (Taken by the author.)

Kyoto City Subway Line Map
It is very easy to understand, unlike in Osaka and Tokyo. This is another good point of Kyoto Subway♪ Over and over again, it’s great. To subway, which truly supports our lives and adds color to our holidays, and to all the people, or bodhisattvas, who work there, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you.


However, I’ll refrain from going out too much in high spirits just because so.
Yeah, I think I’ll do that, yeah… yeah.





京都三条会商店街北 薬膳&カフェ 雅(みやび) サイト制作・運営 一般社団法人シシン