Modern PCs are broadly divided into Windows and Mac. Although we often see some people using Macbook in a café, have you ever been curious about “What is the actual ratio between Windows and Mac in the world?”

Windows PC

Windows Note




We operate four large-scale information sites. I’d like to look at the ratio between Windows users and Mac users in Japan from its Google Analytics analysis for November 2021.
Besides, we will also look at the ratio of enthusiast-oriented Linux users and Chromebook users.

◇Information site 1
All PC users 24,910
Windows 20,805
Mac OS 3,916
Chrome OS 229
Linux 160

◇Information site 2
All PC users 18,817
Windows 16,648
Mac OS 2,032
Linux 254
Chrome OS 89

◇Information site 3
All PC users 623
Windows 489
Mac OS 108
Chrome OS 27
Linux 4

◇Information site 4
All PC users 767
Windows 673
Mac OS 80
Chrome OS 14
Linux 4

◆Total of information site from 1 to 4
All PC users 45,532 100%
Windows 38,615 84.8%
Mac OS 6,136 13.5%
Linux 422 0.9%
Chrome OS 359 0.8%


PC OS Share

Actually, past Mac models had a feature called Boot Camp, and some people access it from Windows even though they are on a Mac, because they can install and use Windows as it is but I probably think that such people are a very small minority.

Mac OS was about 10% when we measured it some years ago, so it extended its share by 3% but it seems that PCs are still in the age of Windows monopoly.

I think Chromebooks are a good idea, but the fact that the storage is based on the premise of a Google Drive subscription may be a sign of Google’s commercial spirit, and this may be the reason why the market share is not growing.




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