Hello, everyone. This is Defeated Warrior. Where I live in is called Matuo Taisha. Under that general family deity, I think it is probably the Omiya Shrine, because the mikoshi has participated from my relative’s uncle’s house and has always been so, so I did not know which mikoshi of Matuo Taisha we could carry from my house.

Matsunoo Taisha Shrine


I am too old now, but I used to carry the mikoshi of Matuo Taisha with all my relatives under the guidance of my uncle. Sannomiya Shrine is close to my house, and Sannomiya Shrine is said to carry the mikoshi of Tamayori Hime, the deity of mikoshi at Kawakatu-ji Temple. The husband of Princess Tamayori is Ugayafukiaez.

Yamayukihiko married Princess Tamayorihime’s sister, Princess Toyota Mahime, and both Lady Toyotomahime and Princess Tamayori are gods of the sea, when she gave birth to Ugayafukiaez-sama, he told Yamayukihiko-sama never to look at him as she gave birth, but Yamayukihiko-sama saw it and turned into a crocodile in the sea because of the suffering she endured during the birth of Ugayafukiaez-sama. Lady Toyota Mahime was so embarrassed that she returned to the sea.

The birthplace at the time of its birth was a cormorant thatched roof, so he is also said Ugayafukiaez-no-mikoto. And his sister, Princess Tamayori, took care of him, and the marriage was consummated.

However, the deity of Matuo Taisha, Oyamakui-sama, transformed into a tan-nuri arrow, which was picked up by Princess Tamayori, and they were united at Gasho, and Kamowakeikazuchi-sama, the deity of Kamo Shrine, was also born.

Ugayafukiaez, the last of the deities of Japanese mythology, was united with Princess Tamayoti to give birth to the first Emperor, Kamuyamato-Iwalebiko, or Emperor Jinmu. It is said that Ugayafukiaez-sama is the legitimate lineage from Ninigi no Mikoto. He is a god of the divine era, so he is just an amazing god or something.

My father is Ugayafukiaez.





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