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I’ll write this article with dogmatism and prejudice based on images of each university I thought in my school days. I may be different from the current state. (If there are problems in the content, please give us your comment or contact us through inquiry form.)


Kyoto university

Kyoto university

  • It is the number two university in Japan whose deviation value follows the one of Tokyo university. It is a very hard-to-get-into university that one student or so from each high school can enroll.
  • Tokyo university is a national public affairs training school but on the other hand, Kyoto university has many students who will get a research job, and there are many people who make difficult inventions.
  • Its students are overall hard-working students.
  • Many students are influenced by Marxism-Lenin.

Doshisha university

Doshisha university

  • Its deviation value is the top class even among the Kankandoritu.
  • It is the most bonbon university in Kyoto. Female students are also lady system. It has the image to cost anyways for donation and overseas expedition of club activities. The dining hall is, you might be surprised, French restaurant.
  • Rich families make their children go to the university even they 2 to wander.
  • There are many leading companies for on-campus recommendation.

Ritsumeikan university

Ritsumeikan university

  • It is one of the Kankandoritu.
  • When I was a student the tuition fees of Ritumeikan university were cheap among the private universities. It has the image that it is supporting the poor.
  • The company I was working before was the company that members of lab in Ritumeikan university launched, and there was a thing like school clique of the graduates from Ritumeikan university.
  • A number of game centers are waiting opened between the ways from the city bus stop and the gate of university. (I heard it is the same for Kinki university.)

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※I wrote down my honest image for each university that Kurama Tengu has although I feel it a bit rough. It is not my imagination or fiction because I am writing based on my impression I had when contacting with the students or the graduates at each place.




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