Hello everyone, this is a cat wearing short shoes.

I wrote the article about the height of shoes the last time. And today I’d like to talk about the “decoration” and “feather” of shoes.

Shoe decoration

When you hear “the decoration of shoes”, someone may think “oh, what is it?” but actually this is secretly an important knowledge that is also related to business manner.
Though I say so, it is not viewed as so much important in Japan, I’d be happy if you would read this story as a little wit trivia.

Then it’s immediate, though, do you think there is “a decoration” in this picture of shoes on the top?

The answer is … there is subtly. (smile)

It is basically judged from the portion of toe, so in that sense this shoe has no decoration. However, when you see the portion of the heel there are small holes opened regularly! We call this hole decoration.

Hole decoration is call “Medallion”, which is one of the decorations applied to the upper.

※I’d like to touch on upper, bump, and other terms the next time.

Shoe hole decoration

“Decoration”of shoes including Medallion is a technique applied to shoes suitable for the casual use. In other words, on the other hand the simpler it is, the more suitable for the formal scene.

(※Although there are various theories, it is the general story.)

And one more thing, there are many cases that “feather” is also categorized by casual or formal except for decoration.

When divided this simply, there are two which are called “outer feather(blatcher)” and “inner feather (balmoral or oxford)

I will omit this because it becomes the story of history when we delve into this. (smile)
And please refer to the picture below as it is difficult to explain by only words.

Illustration of outer and inner feathers

The feather literally points to the shape of portion that the string passes and specification. Outer feather has characteristics that make it easier take off and put on by the large moving of feather.
The inner feather on the other hand, it is not easier to take off and put on because of small movement of feather but we have many impressions that it is used for expensive shoes especially in formal scenes due to its smart outlook.

“The outer feather” which is easy to take off and put on and has good compatibility with the decoration is casual scenes, and “the inner feather” with smart outlook and simple composition is, if I had to choose on, is used formal scenes or at ceremonial occasions.

When asked what shoes the businesspeople in Japan are wearing, to be honest, I think not many people are wearing shoes in accordance with the rules strictly so far. I think it has the designation of colors at best or not.

And the key word “to take off and put on” I have mentioned from earlier, the preference is indeed divided from the difference between Japan and foreign countries and the view of thinking too.

Basically the foreign countries have long history of shoes and in addition to that it has a footwear culture and because of this foreign people are not peculiar about “ take off and put on” too much. However, they are extremely peculiar about “footing” because of this.

And there is no limit when I start to talk about, I’ll call it a day this time! (smile)

How about my story? I’d be happy if you will get more interested in shoes.

I wrote about “decoration” and “feather” of leather shoes this time.

Well, see you next time. ( ´∀`)ノ




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