There are other interesting points in Rakuhoku Hankyu Square.
Go up the escalator to the second floor above the ground, there you will find “Higo Pet Friendly.

Higo Pet Friendly

What a surprise, there’s a large pet store that wasn’t around here.
The store used to be located in a corner of the basement floor, but it seems to have moved to the second floor.

Banty Birds

Having just said “excuse me”, I’ve got some pictures of the Java sparrows. We can also meet cute dogs! If my family had someone who could take care of them, I’d want a budgie very much!


And the introduction of the food court on the second floor above the ground.
The food court which used to be located on the basement floor before renovation, it has moved to the second floor after renovation. (There is other small food court on the grand floor.)

2nd Floor Food Court 1

2nd Floor Food Court 2

Naturally, the facility is overwhelmingly clean as it is new. If say, it’s like there are family restaurants where we can order anything in the shopping mall.

The eateries include “McDonald”, “Ranchosu Kitchen”, “Steak Shokudo Masayoshi”, “Gin Tako”, “Echigo Hizoumen Mujinzou”, “Marugame Seimen” and so on. Relatively reasonably priced restaurants that families with children can enjoy are lined up. “Sugakiya” used to be there before renovation but it has retrieved. A bit sorry!

※There are also few customer there as I took the picture soon after it opened.

I, Kurama Tengu thought it was really good that there is such shopping mall nearby and it has been renovated clean. ^U^

Rakuhoku Hankyu Square

  • Location: Kyoto prefecture Kyoto city Sakyo district Takano Nishihiraki town 36
  • TEL: 075-707-0700
  • Regular holidays: closed only on the first day of the year.
  • Opening hours: 10:00 ~ 21:00 (Except for certain shops)
  • URL:




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