Good morning!
This is Kurama Tengu( ̄▽ ̄)b.

It might be that people who have once created the Home Page know, and we use the blog system WordPress for writing almost of these blogs and other Shishin’s Home Page.
Although WordPress was the open source (free to use) system to create our own blogs, it is now mainly used as CMS (content management system).

CMS is, to put it plainly, is the system that we can post sentences and pictures on Home Page from management screen like blogs even without writing HTML codes.

WordPress’s post screen.

Although WordPress has a disadvantage that the display speed of the Home Page created with WordPress is a little lower due to its operating principle because in WordPress programming language called PHP is used it is also CMS with merits for developers and users for it can make people who don’t know HTML update articles, for its advantage on Google’s SEO side (It often comes to the top of Google’s search results.), we can create by using general-purpose language called PHP and so on.

I think those who want to work in the Web industry now must learn this technique someday.





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