There is “Tadasu no Mori” that leave vegetation far before Kyoto was the capital a walk north of Takano River and Kamo River Delta. The approach to “Shimogammo Shrine” continues straight to the north almost in the center of the Tadasu no Mori.

Prayer Hall of Shimogamo Shrine

The benefits that you can receive in Shimogammo Shrine, Tadasu no Mori that are also known as an urban oasis are below.

God of marriage

Aioi sha

There is Aioi sha at Shimogammo Shrine. This sha is collecting special faith from ancient times as a shrine with a benefit of marriage.

Saijin of Aioi sha is “Musuhi no Kami” according to “chronicles of Japan” and is described as one of the three gods of creation in the first volume of “Kojiki”.

We always can see women wishing for marriage at Aioi sha. I think it is well known for that strong power spot.

Beauty prayer

Ema of Kawai Shrine

Kawai Shrine, which is the auxiliary shrine of Shimogammo Shrine (located on the south side of Shimogammo Shrine Tadasu no Mori) collects its faith as a female guardian.
It enshrines Tamayorihime, mother of emperor Jimmu and Tamayorihime is worshiped as beautiful god as she is beautiful like a ball.

We can dedicate Ema whose shape is hand mirror and called mirror votive tablet at Kawai Shrine, and there is a custom that people entrust wish to Ema by drawing a beautiful face on it using makeup tools that people themselves usually use.

Kawai Shrine is a sha whose outlook is fashionable, and this is also the shrine where there are always female worshipers.


God of covenant


(Reprinted from official home page.)

Injisha is enshrined close to the main shrine of Shimogammo Shrine. Inji is seal of modern days. I hear many people worship Inji sha as the god of covenant when there are important contracts or people want to connect things successfully.

Purification shrine

Inoue sha (Mitarai Sha)

Mitarashi River that flows in front of the Mitaraisha is counted as seven mysteries of Kamo from the scene that fresh water springs up around the pond or the bottom of the river when it is the hottest days of the summer, and that the shape of the appearance of the blisters that spring up is like dumpling is said to be the origin of Mitarashi dumpling.

There is an even held called “Mitarashi festival” the footing Shinto ritual that people who put their feet on the fresh water of this pond don’t get plague and beriberi, or receive a prayer wishing disease-free such as containing cancer.

The main benefits of Shimogammo Shrine.

  • Marriage
  • Beauty prayer
  • Contract prayer
  • Purification

Shimogammo Shrine (Kamo Mioya Shrine)




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