Good morning!
This is Kurama Tengu( ̄▽ ̄).

There is a site called “Irasutoya”. I think some people know it. It’s a wonderful site we can use cute illustrations free. I also use it on Home Page for “Health mahjong salon Himatubushi” in a big way.(I thank the producers!)


Well, when we can use such excellent illustrations free, then, it is not necessary to draw an illustration by ourselves? About the idea that the jobs of illustrators will go away, I disagree with it.

It is because the illustrations of “Irasutoya” is already overflowing in the world. And I always think as a Web designer that customers ask me to make their Home Page is because they seek designs and codes that only I can make or draw not because they seek the Home Page to use such instant illustrations.

In other words, I think I will be able to survive in the Web industry in the future without the designs and codes that can be made by only me.

It is why I try not to use free illustrations as much as possible not limited to “Irasutoya” when I do important work. I use the illustrations I drew with full power. It is because I consider it leading to my own growth, too.





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