Good morning.
This is Kurama Tengu.( ̄▽ ̄)b

Byodoin Hoodo Temple

When I go to take photos at tourist attractions in Kyoto, I am so enthusiastic about taking photos pushing through the crowd that I cannot have time to fully enjoy the actual landscapes there in many cases. However, I think it’s OK as I took the photos. I recall the scenes by viewing the photos in my PC repeatedly after that.
In the end, I enjoy further many times after posting the photos on the site like this and
have them seen by people. It is just my hobby… I might be scolded. (^_^;)


It can be said as for Ramen.
To be frank, it is not easy to enjoy the taste of the Ramen relaxing in the Ramen shop where I visit for the first time. I forget the taste of the Ramen within the day after I finish eating a cup of Ramen under the feeling of pressure.

Ramen Suguru's Ramen

However, the picture I took recalls my memory and whenever I look at the picture, I remember this Ramen is as such and the shop is as such. At the same time, I think I would like to go there remembering the good taste of the Ramen.

I think people who post the photos of food in the Instagram feel like this. You want to leave good memory in the photos, don’t you? (^_^)v





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