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The sixteenth Kansai Culture Day will start at 4 ordinance-designated cities of Kansai 10 prefectures from early November. It is said that there are days when entrance is free to art museums, museums, museums and so on around Kansai area. (As a rule, only for permanent exhibitions). I knew such an important news today. 🙂

I’ll put the lists of places I personally thought good among facilities free to enter in Kyoto. (^▽^)/


Kyoto Railway Museum

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Railway museum which the object of avid desire fro rail funs. It is very delightful that entrance to there is free although general admission fee for adults is 1,200 yen in normal times. However, I heard it was so popular that a lot of people came to see, so you should be prepared for the crowd.

Holding period

November 17 (Saturday) in 2018 – November 18 (Sunday) in 2018

Opening hours (Last admission time)

17:30~20:00 (19:30)

Free exhibitions

Permanent exhibitions


Kyoto Municipal Science Center for Youth

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This facility is also the one mainly children can enjoy. We can enjoy as there are a variety of tools for scientific experiment and model of dinosaurs being displayed. And all exhibitions are free and I think we can see them for free, and I think the Planetarium looks fun in particular. I remember the Planetarium can be seen only here in Kyoto.

Holding Period

November 10 (Satruday) in 2018 – November 11 (Sunday) in 2018

Opening Hours (Last admission time)


Free exhibitions

All exhibitions


Fukuchiyama City Folk Museum (Fukuchiyama Castle)

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A castle in Fukuchiyama City. Mituhide Akechi who settled Tanba area built it.
Its castle tower has been reproduced now and inside it is open to the public as Folk Museum. Although it is not in Kyoto City, the author who is fun of castle has interested in it.

Holding Period

November 3 (Saturday) in 2018

Opening Hours (Last admission time)


Free exhibitions

All exhibitions

Please visit the site below for more information and go after careful confirmation.

The telephone number is following
Office of Kansai Culture Day (10 -17 weekdays)




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