Good morning.
This is Kurama Tengu. ( ̄▽ ̄)b
“Saiden” the word my father often uses.
“Saiden” is the word that means like “some time ago” or “a little while ago” in standard language and my father often uses “Saiden”. When I search the word by Google search,

It is said to be the meaning of “Saizen”, I have never seen people in my generation using the word “Saiden”. My father is in his 70s, so it was the word used often until that age.

【Example of use】
Saiden kara yuteruyaro?

(Standard language)

I have been saying from a while ago.

Saiden kaini ittekita sakai

(Standard language)

Because I went shopping some time ago.


Though there might be voices “we usually use the word” among people who is living in central Kyoto, as I think it might be alien to other people when I use the word, so it is the word that I hesitate to use subtly.




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