This is Kurama Tengu( ̄▽ ̄)b

I’d like to write about feedback and so on that I looked round for eating Ramens in Kyoto today.

I think that it was in my college days when I began to eat Ramens in Ramen shops.
I remember that I would go to eat at Ramen Streets in Ichijouji with my friends. There were Raman shops such as Tenka-ippin, Tentenu, Yokoduna, Chinyuu, and Ryougoku at that time. There used to be a Ramen shop called Tenhou, though it is not existed now, which was a shop like the ones in school festivals of universities and it offered very delicious Ramen with boiled porks on it called Tenhoumen. It was so delicious that I think I’d like to go eating again, if the shop was operating its business somewhere.

Tenkaippin's Ramen


I usually used to go eating Ramens with my three friendly friends, but It was also interesting because the preference of Ramen varied each. I was recommending Tenka-ippin but my friend A wanted to go Tenhou, and my friend B wanted to go the other Raman shop, which meant they wanted to go different Ramen shops respectively.

And my looking round Ramen shops was continuing with my other friends, and I would go eating at Ramen shops with my neighboring mah-jongg friends after playing mah-jongg. Since we had a car, I bothered to go eating at Tenka-ippin in Nishiooji Kujou and we went toYokoduna, Chinyuu, and Ryougoku shops,too.

I restarted such Ramen hobbies now. I can assert that the likes remain the likes.




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