My name is “Kurama Tengu” ( ̄▽ ̄)b

I am also the main producer of this site “Sightseeing net in Kyoto.”

In this sightseeing net in Kyoto, we put up the contents titled “features of sightseeing spots” and “features of Ramen shop” but we thought we’d like to transmit a lot more information to you and decided to write the blogs.

We think that we are going to write mainly the contents regarding Kyoto in this “blogs of Kyoto”, however, except for them, under the authors’ arbitrary decision, we would like to post stories concerning hobbies and Web site production.


First, I’d like to introduce myself.

Kurama Tengu photo

My handle-name is “Kurama-Tengu”
I was born in Sakyo district in Kyoto City. I am a Kyoto-people whose schools I went are all in Kyoto City from elementary school to University.

I have experienced several kinds of jobs but I am a staff working at welfare office for handicapped people and I am also a person with a mental illness. My hobbies are mainly indoor activities and I am good at PC, making plastic models, taking pictures, and producing Web sites.

I try to save money. Although I can’t afford eating pricy dining out, I am very fond of going to eat so-called Second-class gourmets such as Ramen. My preference of Ramen is deep soup that many Kyoto people like. I like “Tenka-ippin very much.

I consider my lifetime hobby as making plastic models of ships. I am posting the display of my works and how to make them on my Home page.

I go taking pictures with my loving Canon Eos Kiss X6i on my hands in the seasons for ume trees and cherry blossoms and in the seasons for red leaves.

As you can see, I am a dissipated man somewhat, I’ll do my best writing blogs, so please welcome me warmly m(_ _)m.





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