This is Kurama Tengu.( ̄▽ ̄)b

We bother to give scores on Ramen shops in this Web page featuring Ramen of Kyoto.
Ramens are not so cheap after they have become more pricy recently. I think you wouldn’t like to go to disappointing shops. As a result of my eating around, I try to think about the characteristics of Ramen shops that offer delicious Ramen.

At first, let’s look at the number of stars in reviews, but it makes you feel us less trustful, the number of stars in reviews is highly dependable. On the other hand, I am hearing that we can’t trust the number of stars in Google very much.

Second, you had better take into consideration whether the Ramen is of your preference or not, before judging it has good taste or not. I don’t recommend those who like light taste to eat at Tenka-ippin, and I don’t recommend those who like deep taste eat at Daiichi-asahi, too.


Although it diverts from the story a little whether the Ramens there are delicious or not, many Ramen shop located near colleges or universities offer service that we can adjust the amount of noodles and also set their price relatively cheaply. They are taking into consideration so that poor university students can come to eat there aren’t they? On the other hand, I have the impression that every shop in Kyoto Ramen kouji in the Kyoto station building sets the price of their Ramens 100-200 yen higher than general Ramen shops as it attracts many people.

And I think that as the benchmark of the good taste of Ramens, there are the size and softness of roast pork on the Ramen. As for this, I think the Ramen chain shops tend to serve smaller or thinner ones. After all, it is for reducing costs, isn’t it?

Rairaitei's Ramen

In addition, it is important whether the Ramens you eat will be your favorite ones. My wish for Ramen varies by on a whim, for example, I want to eat the Ramen of Tenka-ippin at one time and the other time I want to eat soy-sauce Ramen of Miraitei.(And there are many else.) Since I don’t know whether it contains monosodium glutamate or not ( or simply it is not important to me), I can’t guarantee your health…By no means, I can’t think that those who are eating Ramens are so nervous about their health.(^_^;)





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