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Exterior of the used store

As a benchmark for searching Ramen shops whose Ramens are delicious, I have heard the reputation that “the Ramens of the shops that have been used hard is very good”, but is it really true? As my feedback for my going to many Ramen shops in order to create This Web page, I think it isn’t compleltely right. We can’t say without exception that the local famous Ramen shops’ Ramens are delicious and many large-scale Ramen chain shops serve delicious Ramens. But I have an impression that shops whose interior is clean,(not dirty ) and whose customers are fewer in number serve at large not so delicious Ramens or set high prices for their Ramens.


Ramen restaurant queue

And concerning the expectations that the Ramen shops with lines of customers are naturally offering delicious Ramens, it seems the reason why there are lines in front of Ramen shops is not always the Ramens are delicious there. The lines are not always formed because the Ramens there are delicious, as there are other factors for this, for example, we feel it is profitable with larger volume of noodles for its relatively cheap price or the stores’ inside are so small that we need to wait outside the shops. However,
I assume that people are waiting in lines as there are some advantage with the shops.

On the other hand, the characteristics of not good shops are, for example, there are only a few customers when you enter the shops at 12:00 noon… We should make caution for this greatly. And also, if the staff there are middle-aged women we need caution. (Excuse me, Older women.) Such shops are usually bad shops.

We post the scores of Ramen stores on this Web site, so please don’t hesitate to refer to them!(⌒∇⌒)/




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