祇園祭山鉾巡行 Gion Festival Yamabokojunko

祇園祭山鉾巡行について About Gion Festival Yamabokojunko





The biggest event in the summer in Kyoto is the Gion festival. The Gion festival continues with Yoiyoiyama, Yoiyama and Yamabokojunko, and at the Yamahoko circumambulation of July 17 (the previous festival) and July 24 (the after festival) each year, the Yama and the Hoko that were prepared in each town parade the center of Kyoto. In the Yama and the Hoko of the Gion Festival in Kyoto, the things with high value is used for Gion festival to be called “Moving Museum”. The Gion festival is one of the three great festivals of Kyoto, Japan three great festival, Japan three great Hikiyama festival, and is a very famous festival nationally.

I think that the place where the work of the turnabout called “Tsuji turning” is seen is the intersection of Shijo Kawaramachi. However, the author was able to take pictures at this time from the Kawaramachi Oike intersection, and it was possible to see “Tsuji turning”. When you visit the site, you had better prepare a strong heat stroke measures such as a folding fan, a round paper fan, hat, hydration, and sunscreen. There are also paid seats in various places.

Gion Festival was called “Gion Goryo KAI” until the Meiji period in the festival of Yasaka Shrine in Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City. The origins of the Gion festival are said to have “the Imperial Court” the first Holy Spirit meeting in Shinsen-en in 863 (Jogan 5 years) to pray for good health due to the epidemic of the plague in Kyoto.

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詳細 Details

開催日 7月17日 前祭
7月24日 後祭
経路 四条烏丸→河原町四条→河原町御池→新町御池
京都市観光協会 TEL:075-213-1717
サイトURL http://www.kyokanko.or.jp/gion/junkou.html

あわせて回っておきたいおすすめスポット Recommended spots to go together


本能寺 Honnoji Temple


Honnoji is a temple of Nichiren Buddhism, southwest of Kawaramachi Oike in Nakagyo ward, Kyoto. This temple is very famous in Honnoji incident that Mitsuhide Akechi avenge Nobunaga Oda.


二条城 Nijo Catsle


Nijo Castle is a castle that was built in the Edo period, and the one that remains now is the one erected by Mr. Tokugawa. It is the beginning and end of the Edo period, with the celebratory ceremony of Ieyasu Tokugawa's Shogun Senge, and the Yoshinobu Tokugawa of restoration rule of the Tokugawa Imperial.


京都御所 Kyoto Imperial Palace


The Kyoto Imperial Palace is called "Gosho" by the neighboring residents and is popular. From the 14th century to the early Meiji period, this is the place where successive emperors lived, priest rituals and public service.


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