Matsuno-taisha Shrine


About Matsuno-taisha Shrine

Matsuno-taisha Shrine

Matsuno-Taisha is the oldest shrine in Kyoto, and it is said that the inhabitants who lived in this region of the ancient times were enshrined in the Holy Spirit of the Mt.Matsuo and made it the guardian deity of their life.

It is said that the Hatano-imikitori which bestowed Emperor Monmu’s Royal command in 701 year shrine and established the shrine. After that, the shrine was treated as a guardian god by Mr. Hata. After the Heian-Kyo capital, along with the East Kamo Shrine (Kamigamo shrine, Shimogamo Shrine), it is called that the “East strict god and the West fierce spirit”. Since the Middle Ages, it has been believed as the god of sake, and it is still the devout shrine of the faith from the brewing house.

The grounds of the temple include a garden of water, a garden of Joko, and a garden of Horai. There are three gardens (at an extra charge) and you can see unique gardens. In addition, there is a spirit turtle waterfall in the seeing course. Near that, there is a spiritual spring called turtle well. The brewing house seems to use this water as the original water of sake and to mix it with water.


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Photographer: Taisuke Yamada


Location 〒616-0024 3, Arashiyamamiya-cho, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Telephone TEL 075-871-5016
Entrance fee

Free admission for worship

Garden entrance fee
Adults 500 yen, students 400 yen, children 300 yen

Usual viewing season

Mid-April – early May

Late June – mid-July


City bus
Short walk from Matsuo Taisha-mae stop on routes 28 and 29

Short walk from Matsuo Taisha Station

Parking lot 10 buses free of charge
Free for 100 private cars
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