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Enkoji temple

Enkoji temple is a temple of Rinzai sect Nanzenji school. Its mountain title is Zuigan-mountain. Its principal image is Senju Kannon.

In 1601 (Keicho 6) Ieyasu Tokugawa invited zen master Genkitsu Sanyo, the ninth Scholarch of Shimono Ashikaga school, built Enkoji temple in Fushimi and made it a school in order to develop the national education and learning.

After that, Enkoji temple moved to inside Shokokuji mountain and further relocated to current Ichijoji Kotani town in 1667 (Kanbun 7)

Enkoji temple has dry garden (Honryutei) and the garden of Jugyu that has beautiful moss, autumn leaves and laid autumn leaves. It exudes the tranquility of Rakuhoku along with Seiryu pond which is said to be the oldest pond in Rakuhoku and Suikinkutsu with a clear tone.


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Photographer: Taisuke Yamada



Location 〒606-8147
13 Kotani-cho, Ichijyoji, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Telephone TEL 075-781-8025
Entrance fee Adult ¥500
High school and junior high school students ¥400
elementary school student ¥300
Access 10 min. walk from Ichijoji Kudarimatsu bus stop on City Bus No. 5.
Eizan Electric Railway / Eizan Line Ichijoji alighting, 15 minutes walk.
Parking lot Parking lot (30 cars)

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