How are you, everyone? This is Defeated Warrior. Well, let’s continue the story immediately.

Susanoo-sama damaged the shores and scattered feces on the altar of the great tame, but he also tied ropes around the ears of rice harvested by other deities and robbed them in the fall, and he released spotted horses into fields of magnificent ears of rice at harvest time in the fall, making a mess of them.

Still, he can’t get over his gut. What he was going to try to do in Takamagahara didn’t work out and strait-laced Susanoo-sama couldn’t stand it.


Perhaps not knowing that Amaterasu Omikami was sheltering him, he now turned his attention to the work of the weaver-goden in Takaramagahara.

Susanoo-sama, in order to play a trick on her, killed the spotted horse, cut it in half, made a huge hole in the roof of the weaving hall, and threw the skin of the horse, dripping with bare skin with blood, at the weaver woman from there.

Having been threw it and put in on her head, the weaver was so startled and horrified that she did not know what to do and thought it was her fault, so she used the loom’s tool and stabbed herself to death.

As soon as Amaterasu Omikami learned of this, she finally went to see him, and due to Susanoo, he became tired of everything, entered the Iwaya-do of heaven, closed the Iwaya-do, and shut herself in.

And the world was filled with wickedness because Amaterasu Omikami, the Lord of Heaven, had gone into hiding, and because the sun did not rise, it was full of darkness, and the places was filled with the voices of the gods of Takamagahara, buzzing with worry, and the sight was tremendous!





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