It is the place on the Gion Shijo Street in Kyoto where we can enjoy not only sweets but also dining.

Exterior view of Gion Tamejiro1

That is Gion Tamejiro.

Exterior view of Gion Tamejiro2

Tamejoro is located a little further up the stairs, marked by a large sign with a matcha parfait. It was very bright and clean inside the restaurant, and a lot of people were coming. It seems that the restaurant is pretty popular. As it is in Gion, the Kyoto-like atmosphere was created.

Here we can eat not only sweets such as matcha parfait but also.

Gion Tamejiro's diverse menu of sweets.

There are wide range of dining menus.

Gion Tamejiro's rice menu.

I chose these two items from many delicious-look menus this time.


Kyo no tamejiro set meal.

Kyoto Tamejiro set meal (1200 yen)

Kyoto-style ramen (chicken noodle) and rice with chirimen sansho (Japanese pepper). It is a very Kyoto-like set meal menu with daily specials and yatuhashi (grilled yatuhashil). The rice had a strange taste that I had never tasted before, and I was a little surprised to learn that it was sansho rice (I had never tasted sansho rice before). But it was delicious.

Special Matcha Parfait

Specially-selected Matcha parfait (1220 yen)

This was quite a luxury item. At any rate it is gorgeous. And also it has voluminous. The parfait is truly worth of the name “special selection,” as it is packed with a variety of sweets, including black beans, green tea macaroons, green tea sponge cake, and green tea ice cream. This is also very delicious.

Although there are so many cafés and coffee shops near Gion, I think Gion Tamejiro is a very good restaurant where we can both dine and enjoy sweets. (Of course, there are many good restaurants.) Please try this restaurant.

Gion Tamejiro Gion shop

  • 〒605-0074 Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Higashiyama Ward Gion town Minami gawa 576 2nd floor of Sakurabana building.
  • TEL.075-531-8294
  • URL:
  • Business hours: 11:30-19:30 (It varied a little depending on season.)
    ◆◆ Business hours are now being shortened. ◆◆
    Weekdays: 11:30- 17:30 L.O. 17:30
    Weekends and national holidays: 11:30-18:00 L.O.17:30
  • Access by public transportation
    From Keihan Main Line Gion Shijo Station and walk 3 minutes.
    From Hankyu Kyoto Line Kyoto Kawaramachi Station and walk 5 minutes.
  • Seats capacity: 30 seats
  • No private room
  • Charter is not available.
  • No smoking entire the facility
  • No parking.




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