How are you doing, everyone? This is the defeated soldier. About the Ama-no-Iwayado, where Amaterasu Omikami-sama hid herself, there is a shrine enshrining the Ama-no-Iwayado along the river of the Inner Shrine of the Moto Ise-sama in Fukuchiyama, Kyoto. There is a chain that serves as a rope to climb the precipice, and people climb it to pray. We pray to Tajikara-sama, climb the cliff, and pray to the shrine at the top of the cliff. When I was young, I used to go up there every year to pay my first visit to the temple. It was energy-giving and gratifying.


Now, let me talk the following.

As Amaterasu no Omikami went into hiding at Ama-no-Iwayado and got to not come out from there, it became pitch black from Takamagahara to all the world.

In the pitch darkness filled with evil, the eight million deities of Takamagahara, troubled, consulted with each other on the banks of the Yasukawa River in heaven.

First, they consulted Omoikane-sama, who had wide wisdom and was the son of Takamimusubinokami, one of the three creator gods, and devised a plan for the return of Amaterasu Omikami.

Omoikane-sama first tried to make the sun rise by having the chickens of Takamagahara, the long-croaking birds of the everlasting world, crow at each other, since it was pitch-dark and nothing could be done. They squeaked a cock-a-doodle-doo.

It is not exactly bright because Amaterasu Omikami-sama is not coming out, but we have managed to devise a plan and craft it so that Amaterasu Omikami-sama will return.

Next, Omoikane-sama and the eight million gods had Amatumara-sama, the god of the forge “Kanuchi,” take the pure gold from the heavenly gold mine, work it in the dark, and have Ishikoridome-sama, who was said to be the son of Amanoarato, the god of mirror-making craftsman, take the hard stones of the heavens above the Yasukawa River, polished them repeatedly, and create a mirror to represent the sun and to reflect Amaterasu no Omikami.

With this, they managed to get the light to be bright enough to turn on the lights in the house at night.

So, what will happen next? Let’s hope that Amaterasu Omikami will come out soon, and we’ll continue the story another time. (To be continued.)

Amaterasu Omikami




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