How are you, everyone? This is the Defeated Warrior. Well, let me talk the subsequence of the story.

Susanoo-sama did not immediately head for the land of Kensune, but wanted to try his hand at Amaterasu Omikami’s work in Takamagahara. He tried tending the rice paddies in the rice field and performing the Amaterasu Omikami’s worship at his shrine, but it did not go well.


The strait-laced Susanoo-sama was not amused, and blood was rising up to his head. Then he broke up the banks of Amaterasu Omikami’s rice paddies, filled in the ditches of the canals, and scattered feces on the altar of the first tithe, which Amaterasu was about to eat.

The gods of Takamagahara were very angry, but Amaterasu Omikami told the angry gods, “I am sure that my brother Susanoo destroyed the rice paddies of Oda because he wanted to expand them or something. He must have thrown up on the altar of the great tame because he felt sick.”

Well, what happens next?
(To be continued)





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