Hello, everybody♪ How are you?

Today, I, who have believed “Hokekyo” for 1 million years, will talk a very nice story about “Hokekyo” the souvenir from the world of the dead♪♪ Because I will soon die due to super senility. Before I die, I have something that I’d like to tell my friends in wild side and living now.

Well, let’s go!

Well, people in town tend to link Buddhism to funerals and the dead… well, it’s true that the funeral Buddhism has also important meanings actually, the thought of the awaken, Buddha is originally that how can people be liberated from suffering while they are living. And it is the thought of “Hokekyo” that has long history and great popularity especially in Japan. This person is especially famous among those who disseminated “Hokekyo” in Japan!

Sa sa, sasasa, Saicho. Yes, the man is Saicho.

Saicho's image
Saicho is also famous for the man who opened Tendai sect and built Enryakuji temple in Hiei mountain. And the thought Saicho used as his mental supporter was “Hokekyo”. The thought is to say a word, is such thought.

“Save all by transcending every discrimination.”

“People will be definitely liberated from the sufferings in this world in the future and the road to reach to the world of ease will be open if people accumulate good doings in accordance with each status, ability, and financial power. Equally for everyone.”

Good doings are working in a word.

Each person does what he or she can do for others at his or her standing point. To that end, the person enhances his or her ability, and increase what he or she can do for others. By doing so, they give themselves ease, in addition, give the others ease as well.


Each person living in this world lives accumulating good doings. By doing so, the relationship is formed that each person support with each other and save with each other. And following that, the road to reach to the world of ease will be open. Equally for everyone.

Image of the Pure Land

The world of ease that comes true following that is just the world called Shaba soku Jakko Jodo.

That is it is the world based on the viewpoints that Shaba, the real world is just the actual paradise Jodo. The Buddha who explains “Hokekyo” always exists in the back of this world.
Clip art of Buddha

Buddha keeps explaining the thought to us changing its appearance to everything including persons, gods, and animals. That means that everything in this world in Buddha and all their daily doings are just the Buddha’s thought. The world is full with Buddha’s thought. So, it can be said that Shaba, the real world is just the paradise Jodo. You can’t do better if you could live by recognizing it!

Well, did you understand it? “Hokekyo teaches us all such things. So, I have kept reading “Hokekyo” as a bible for my life until now!?


Ggh! Vomiting blood.

Bummer, hematemesis!!

Apparently, it’s about time to be picked up. The time finally has come when I say good bye to this world. Well, when I was reborn, I would like to live in the paradise with cute gals and girls. My dream will never end. Be prepared, my cute cutie honeys.

Fe ~~ Fe fe fe

Well, good bye.
The old soldier will not die but only disappear.

※There must not be cute gals and girls and cutie honeys in the paradise Jodo naturally.
It is a delusion of this old man. Take care of it.





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