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Uhoin Temple

Uhoin Temple is a temple of the Sennyuji School of Shingon Buddhism, located in Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City. Commonly known as Nishijin Shotengu. The temple is founded by Kobo Daishi.

Uhoin Temple was named Kitamukaizan Daisho Kankiji Temple, and since the 12th year of Hirohito (821), Kobo Daishi bowed to the jade body with one sword and three swords to heal the brain of Emperor Saga, prayed and lit up the spiritual experience, and since then, it was a large temple that flourished as an imperial castle protector along with Toji Temple.

There are two important cultural properties: a standing statue of Senju Kannon and a statue of Kobo Daishi. The principal image, the Daishojokitenzon, is a secret statue and cannot be seen.

Within the precincts of the temple are the Goyo Cherry Blossom, Joyous Cherry Blossom, Shigure-no-matsu (Pine Tree of Shigure), and Some-dono Well.

Unfortunately, it was raining on the day we went to take pictures, but the weeping cherry trees were blooming beautifully. At first I wondered where the red pine tree called “Shigure-no-matsu” was, but it was actually a large overgrowth in the middle of the temple grounds.

In the immediate neighborhood of this Amuhoin temple, there is a small shrine called Iwakami Shrine, where a large rock is enshrined as a god. As is typical of urban shrines, the place is small, but it is a stylish little shrine.


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Photographer: Taisuke Yamada


Location 〒602-8481 9-3, Seiten-cho, Kamitachiuri-dori, Chiekoin-dori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Telephone TEL:075-441-8678
Entrance fee free
Access 5 minutes walk from Imadegawa Jofukuji bus stop on routes 51, 59, 201, 203 city buses
From the Senbon Kamitachiuri stop on routes 6, 46, and 206 (city buses): 5 minutes on foot.
Parking lot none
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