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If you go from Kyoto City to the east of Sanjo Street, there is an intersection with the slope which continues to Shogunzuka (Higashiyamasanchou Park). If you climb the road for a while, you will reach Shogunzuka. (Currently motorcycle is not allowed to enter.)

Shogunzuka is a great night view spot in Kyoto and is famous for a lot of couples. There is a large free parking lot on site. When I went to take pictures of the photos posted here, I could not take pictures clearly because it was a little hazy in the city, but I think I was able to see more clearly when it was fine weather. It is a place that seems to be good to bring a tripod and take a night view. On New Year’s Eve, the road is congested with cars coming to see the first sunrise, and so I think that it is good to go to see aiming at the day when it seems to be vacant.

Moreover, it is not known much, but it is possible to see a beautiful scarlet maple in the neighboring Shogunzuka Dainichido (There is a charge.) when it becomes late autumn.


Shogunzuka photos

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Photographer: Taisuke Yamada


Location 〒607-8456
28, Zushi okukacho-cho, Yamashina-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan
Telephone 075-771-0390
Entrance fee Free
Access From the top of Higashiyama Driveway leading to Gojo Dori from Sanjo Dori Keage to Shogunzuka
※Motorcycles are not allowed
Parking lot 40 cars free of charge

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