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Kuramadera Temple

It is this big Kurama tengu to greet us when getting off the Eiden Kurama station. Niomon that is the entrance of Kuramadera Temple exist in the place that climbing a little from here on road, from there it become a course of a little mountain climbing and hiking. (There is a cable car too.) When you get the main shrine Kondo after you feel a sense of fatigue, there is a view like a vantage point. And, from there you can also go through the Okunoin approach and leave for the Kifune shrine.

The history of Kuramadera Temple is said to have begun in Houki first year (770) when Gantei who is Ganjin’s most disciple connected the hermitage and enshrined Bishamonten. Kuramadera Temple is said to be the place where Yoshitsune Minamoto studied, and it is well known as the theme of “Kurama Tengu” of Noh.

Kurama and Kifune can be said in common, because both are beautiful places of autumnal leaves, I think you can enjoy the most beautiful scenery when you visit the season of autumn leaves. It is a point that I want to keep holding also by all means light-up at nighttime of the Eizan Railway.

Moreover, because it is a mountainous area, the summer is considerably cooler than Kyoto city, and there are a lot of people who visit this place for summer. In addition, it seems that the popularity as a power spot of Kyoto has increased in recent years.


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Photographer: Taisuke Yamada


Location 〒601-1111
1074 Kurama Honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Telephone TEL 075-741-2003
Entrance fee ・Entrance fee 300 yen
・Cable car 200 yen one-way for adults, 100 yen one-way for elementary school students and younger
・Entrance fee to Reihoden (Kuramayama Museum): 200 yen
Usual viewing season

Mid April

Red leaves
Mid to late November


Eizan Railway
Get off at Kurama Station

Kyoto bus
Get off at “Kurama” bus stop bound for Kurama Onsen (Kurama Hot Spring)

Parking lot None, please use nearby parking lots
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