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Koetsuji Temple

Koetuji Temple is a Nichiren-sect temple located in Kyoto City Kita word Takamine Koetu town. It is located in a scenic area north of Kyoto overlooking the Takagamine Sanzan (Takagamine, Washagamine, and Tengamine peaks).

An artist in Edo era, Koetu Honada, had a separate house here in the first year of the Keicho era (1596-1615), but in the first year of Genna era (1615), Ieyasu Tokugawa gave him the land in the vicinity.

Koetu, who moved to this area in earnest in 1619, created a large art village having gathered more than 100 people of his family, various craftsmen and their families to let them live in there, so-call Koetu Village. Also, he built Hokkadaimokudo near his house.

In Meireki 2 (1656) after Koetu’s death, his mansion and the Hokkadaimokudo were organized with Nichiren-sect Nichiji as the founder, and became Koetuji Temple.

We can see beautiful autumn leaves through the approach of Koetuji Temple and there are a number of elegant tea rooms in the garden. Going back in the garden, we can see the mountains and the city of Kyoto from the red-colored hill.

I could see Takagamine, Washigamine, Tengamine, nearby and Hwajeongsan, Shimizuyama, and Funaokayama in the distance.


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Photographer: Taisuke Yamada


Location 〒603-8466 29 Takagamine Koetsu-cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Telephone TEL:075-491-1399
Entrance fee General 400 yen (junior high school students and older)
500 yen when the leaves change color.
Access From Kitaoji Subway Station (Karasuma Line), take city bus North No. 1 bound for Gentaku, get off at Takagamine-Genkoan-mae, and walk west for 2 minutes.
From Shijo Omiya, take city bus (No. 6) bound for Gentaku, get off at Takagamine-Genkoan-mae and walk 2 minutes to the west.
Parking lot Yes
Closed during the fall foliage season.
Site URL光悦寺

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