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The north area of intersection of Higashioji Street and Kitaoji Street (Takano) is called “Ichijoji ramen Street”, etc., is the best ramen restaurant area in Kyoto. The main store of famous ramen restaurants is lined.

Ramen-so Yume wo katareRamen-so Yume wo katare

As a famous shop, the pork bone ramen and beef stripe ramen of “Takayasu” that the customers always queues long, The super dense rich ramen of “Menya Gokkei” that the customers are a long line here too, “Ramen-sou Dream talk” of a gluttony ramen, vegetable plateful Ramen of “Ramen Jiro” of the original gluttony, the name is Taiwan, but the Taiwan Mazesoba of the Nagoya origin “Yuhi-no-kirameki Ichijoji“, there is “Bishiya” of the home genealogy ramen shop where its rich soup of ramen is delicious.


In addition, it is said that it is delicious when eating after drinking sake, and the salt ramen of the peculiar taste of “Tentenyu“, “Yokozuna” of pork bone oil ramen like the so-called Kyoto ramen, Garlic that you crush and put it by yourself is strong, soy sauce ramen shop “Chinyu“. Illusion Shop “Ramen shop Akihide” which is open irregularly, the pork Bone Ramen shop “Butanchu” is thoroughly rich, the shop of soy sauce Ramen which was thoroughly particular “Ramen Suguru“, and etc. A lot of shops where the guest always queues up are competing.

I also like ramen, and I often go to the Ichijoji Ramen Street, but when you come to Kyoto, I would like to invite tourists to visit this area. By the way, the main shop of “Tenkaippin” famous for the peculiar rich soup is located a little south of the intersection of Shirakawa-Dori and Kitaoji-Dori. There is also a “Rairaitei” of soy sauce ramen shop in the vicinity of “Chayama Station” of Eiden railway along the Kitaoji-Street.

On weekends and public holidays, this Ichijoji ramen road is like a ramen theme park, and many people gather to eat ramen that they can only eat here, such as college students who have hungry belly. Therefore, a popular shop is a long procession, and the waiting is considerably serious, but, because I put it smoothly when I shift a little time of the meal, it becomes a matrix avoidance measure recommended.

In addition, there are a lot of connoisseur of ramen, especially recently, and where ramen is delicious, and the Tsukemen are delicious, and the ramen talk is active on the roadside. In the past, the ramen shop was an image that only men could enter, but it seems that female customers have come at a fairly good rate these days.

When you come by car, please be sure that you can park in the parking lot of the shop or the coin parking. Because there are a lot of people of the traffic guard recently, the ticket is cut immediately and it is taken a fine, and, attention.

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Photographer: Taisuke Yamada


Location 〒606-8182
Ichijyoji Akanomiya-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto (Ichijyoji Takatsuki-cho bus stop)

Eizan Railway
Get off at Ichijoji Station and walk west for about 4 minutes.

City bus
Short walk from Takano bus stop on routes 31, 65, 204, 206, and North No. 8
Short walk from “Ichijoji Akanomiya-cho” bus stop on route 31
Short walk from “Ichijyoji-Takatsuki-cho” bus stop on Route 31
Short walk from “Ichijyoji Kitadaimaru-cho” bus stop on Route 31

Parking lot Paid parking available nearby

Ichijoji ramen map

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