Ramen Yokozuna Minami IC shop


Gourmet report

I came to the Ramen Yokozuna Minami IC shop.

The store is located near the Meishin Expressway Kyoto Minami IC. The parking lot was about 20 cars. The seats are about fifteen seats, about ten tables, and five seats in the parlor. Smoking is not available during lunch.

Menu of Ramen Yokozuna Minami IC shop

In addition to ramen, the menu had Tantanmen that looked exciting, but on the day we chose ordinary ramen and Teppanyaki fried rice and dumplings.


First, from ramen noodles…
Ramen of Ramen Yokozuna Minami IC shop

Ramen noodles are thin. The appearance seems to be heavier, but when I try to eat it, I feel like it is surprisingly light. Soup is the royal Road of Kyoto Ramen, pork bone soy sauce taste. I am glad that I can put leeks and garlic.

Then Teppanyaki fried Rice…
Chinese-style fried rice of Ramen Yokozuna Minami IC shop

Fried rice is bland if you don’t mix eggs.
It’s best to mix it in a half-boiled state.
Because it is a steel plate, it is delicious to be eaten by hot indefinitely!

Dumplings at the end…
Gyoza of Ramen Yokozuna Minami IC shop

Gyoza is… black pork dumplings.
The size is large.
Because it was the light taste that it was unexpectedly, I felt that it was a little unsatisfactory.

It is a delicious shop overall.
The staff was very good and very cheerful.

Author’s score・・・86points!!


Shop name Ramen Yokozuna Minami IC shop
Location 〒612-8463
23 Nakajima-Goshonouchi-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Access ・Approximately 500m south along Route 1 from Kyoto Minami Interchange
・18-minute walk from Takeda Station on the Kintetsu Line
・Parking lot 24 cars
Business Hours 11:00~5:00 the next day
Regular Holyday None (However, closed only on New Year’s Day)
Site URL